IOM Tokyo - Country Office with Resource Mobilization Function

IOM opened its office in Japan in 1981 in the context of Indochinese refugee resettlement.At that time, IOM Tokyo facilitated onward movements of US and Canada-bound Indochinese refugees on temporary protection status in Japan. Later on, the assistance expanded to family reunification for Indochinese refugees resettled in Japan, and which was completed in March 2006. Japan joined IOM membership in 1993.

Dual Functions of IOM Tokyo

1) Donor liaison – Strengthen cooperation and partnership with Japan in support of vulnerable migrants, displaced persons and refugees worldwide.

2) Operational partner of Japan – Support Japan in meeting its own migration challenges.

Currently, IOM Tokyo is implementing three Japan-funded projects, namely, the a) refugee resettlement; b) return and reintegration assistance to victims of trafficking; and c) assisted voluntary return and reintegration.

Upon request, IOM Tokyo provides expert advice on various migration policy initiatives and dialogue on migration issues led by the government, business community, academe and NGOs in Japan.This includes the annual international workshop on acceptance and integration of foreign nationals in Japan co-organized with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.