Press Release —Local December 16, 2020

IOM Japan Collaborates with ANA HOLDINGS INC. on Counter-Trafficking

Tokyo – The International Organization for Migration (IOM) participated in a seminar which focused on measures to prevent human trafficking utilizing flights as a means of transportation hosted by ANA HOLDINGS INC. (ANA HD), the largest airline group holding company in Japan, last week (10 December).  

Noriko Kiyotani, Programme Manager of IOM Japan delivered a keynote speech on global trends of human trafficking and IOM’s response. The virtual seminar was attended by 170 stakeholders involved in airline industries and/or counter-trafficking who actively participated in information sharing and discussion.

Trafficking in persons tends to be regarded as something that happens abroad, but air travel is also used for human trafficking in and into Japan. We will strengthen our efforts to prevent human trafficking via air travel and the ANA group will work closely with relevant partners working on counter-trafficking,” said Ms. Chikako Miyata, Senior Vice President, Legal & Insurance, General Administration, and Director of Corporate Sustainability of ANA HD.

“The continued efforts by airline industries such as ANA HD, including sharing experiences through this kind of seminars and establishing improved reporting systems should contribute significantly to eradicating human trafficking,” said Mr. Daihei Mochizuki, Chief of Mission of IOM Office in Japan.

ANA HD has been an active partner of IOM Japan on counter-trafficking for several years.

Last year, ANA HD published its second “Human Rights Report 2019” Recognizing that aviation industry plays a very important role in the prevention of human trafficking, ANA HD was the first enterprise in Japan to issue reports on human rights in 2018. IOM Japan contributed a comment to the 2019 Report, highlighting the importance of cooperation with ANA HD and expectation to ANA HD’s efforts.

Moreover, ANA HD has utilized a video from IOM X, IOM’s erstwhile innovative campaign to encourage safe migration and public action to stop exploitation and human trafficking. Although the campaign ended a few years ago, the video library with counter-trafficking training material for all employees to raise awareness on the issue and recognize their responsibilities in protection of human rights, is still available.

Through these activities, ANA HD has contributed to IOM’s counter-trafficking measures by producing a Japanese-subtitled version of the video which became the first IOM video material to be available in Japanese language in the library.

IOM Japan hopes that the video would encourage Japanese speaking people to learn about the issue and the projects that IOM has been realizing with cooperation of ANA HD.

The Japanese version of the video is available at:


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